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Hi! Need some advice about the ferry from Italy to Greece. We are going to Athens and want to know what ferry route would be best and easiest to get us to Athens.

Either Bari to Igoumenitsa or Bari to Patras.

We have the Eurail Global Pass that will be valid on the train system in Greece. Thanks!

P.S - does anyone have a website for ferries that travel to the islands.

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Don't know about the ferries from Italy, but my guess would be Patras as you can get the train straight along the top of the Peloponnese.

I'm on firmer ground (pun intended!) with the ferries to the islands. The timetable I always use is here


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Natasha, we went from Brindisi to Patrs in 2000 and things might have changed since then. We took the ferry using our passes, be careful as there are ripoff artists at the train station with "official agent" signs for the ferry. They sold us tickets with an overnight cabin at twice the regular rate. The trip over was fabulous, overnight trip btw. Food on the Greek ferries was a lot worse than on BCFerries, we bought olives, bread, meat and wine in town and had a picnic on the top deck under a full moon. That was better than in the smoky lounge. In Patras, we'd missed the first train, the second train was fully booked, the third was an old slow train ,we opted to take the bus, much faster. Athens bus station was out of town a bit, had to transfer to a local bus, all cheap at the time. BTW , we were 49 and 50 at the time and we had a ball