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I am 20 yrs old and studying abroad in Milano for the semester. I am going to Greece for spring break...where are the best places to stay for people my age? I am looking for a nice place with beautiful beaches to lay on all day. A good night life too, if possible :)

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Santorini. Stay at San Giorgio hostel if you are looking to save some money, it's the nicest hostel I've ever stayed at. You can rent a 4-wheeler or small car for around 10 euros a day to see the whole island and visit all the beaches you'd like. The night life wasn't bad either ;)

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Alli, it would help if you would say WHEN your Spring Break is, not make us guess. For example, the "break" time for Greek colleges is the last week in May -- a big difference.

If you are talking about March, good luck on LYING on a beach... this is the Med, not the Caribbean. Your best chance would be Rhodes, and that's not so good. Here is the month-long March averages:

Why don't you do a non-beach thing, and then save Greece for your end-of-term celebration?

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If you are talking Spring Break as in March, do a little research, some of the Islands are not yet up and running, so little night life. Mykonos might see a surge of spring breakers, otherwise, Corfu (close to Italy) is a good beach/party destination. In short, for nightlife you will need to see where everyone else is going and go there, otherwise nightlife may consist of bridge with alot of retirees off the cruise ship.