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Greece - 13 days

Two 23 year old guys are leaving Bari and traveling throughout Greece in july for 13 days... want to do Corfu, Athens and then a few of the Cyclades (thinking paros, naxos, ios and santorini). Is this possible to accomplish in the alloted time? How many days are needed for these places?

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Figure leaving Bari in the afternoon (I think) getting to Corfu very early morning(late night?) figure two nights, continue on to Patras and Athens, due to travel maybe two more nights. Morning ferry to the islands, leaving you about a week or 8 days. That means two nights per island, really the minimum you would want, myself, I would skip one island and add days someplace.

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thanks Paul! i definetly dont wanna be running around the whole time so i will look into dropping an island outta my itinerary.

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I would say 3 days in Athens should be enough, depending how many museums, if any, you would like to see. I am big fan of museums, but they are really a few "real" museums in Athens, many of them look are actually ruines. If you are an archeologist, Athens is a good place to visit, but if you are like me, you only need to go to a few places.
For the islands, if you can get there in the morning, I would say 1 day of each should be enough, maybe 2 for the larger ones.
I would get a book on Cyclades and see what each of them is about.