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Getting to Sighisoara from Budapest/Krakow

Is a train conveniant from Budapest or Krakow to Sighisoara (transylvania) and back? I was thinking of trying to find a flight from somewhere to Bucharest but havent heard too much great things (and im kind of pressed for time).

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A quick check of the deutsche bahn website shows that the train that leaves Budapest at 7:45 am stops in Sighisoara at 18:14.

You may want to do your own search for other connections/possibilities as well as the options from Krakow.

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From Krakow, it's rather complicated. But from Budapest there are many options to get to Transylvania and the train isn't necessarily the most convenient one.

For instance, you could fly from Budapest to Targu Mures with the low cost airline WizzAir (; if you can book in advance it's cheaper than the train. Targu Mures is just 50 km (~30 mi) away from Sighisoara and there are very frequent buses between them (one every hour), so it takes less less than one hour to get to Sighisoara.

I think there are also some buses from Budapest to Sighisoara, probably slightly faster and cheaper than the train.

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Last fall we flew from Budapest to Tirgu Mures via Hungarian Airlines-Malev. I think air was $200-$250 round trip. It was a quick flight, nice airports, and we were able to catch a cab to Sighisoara right outside the airport. It was a little bit of a drive, we paid him 40 euros, only 17 euros to get back.