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Getting around Turkey

We're trying to go from Istanbul to Cappodocia (Kayseri airport) to Ephesus (Izmir airport?)back to Istanbul. Should we fly? And should I expect to spend around $1000 each? We are very experienced train travelers in other European countries, but trains don't seem as easy or fast as flying in Turkey. Thanks!

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i haven't been to turkey yet but am about to head out on saturday. i have done a lot of research. it seems trains are the last resort option for public transport. planes are cheap and quick. buses seem plentiful and inexpensive and quite a popular choice for many travelers in turkey. i am flying into istanbul (from london)and then on down to Kayseri. booked on pegasus airline. i am not sure how much the part of the flight from istanbul to kayseri was but the whole thing (lon - ist, ist - kay) was $175 USD. I am not sure getting from Kayseri to Ephesus. I don't know if there is a train...i bet your option is flight or bus.

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Take the bus on at least one of those trips - it is a wonderful opportunity to see the country. And unlike most countries, the buses are generally much faster and much more comfortable than the trains. In fact, the bus terminals in Turkey are similar to our airports - the number of buses and ticket counters for the various bus lines is staggering. Most of the buses offer pillows, snacks, movies, etc. Usually the attendant will walk down the aisle and spritz your hands with scented water. It is really a unique experience.

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Hi Suzanne, We flew from Istanbul to Izmir Airport on AtlasJet Airline and then from Nevsehir Airport on Turkish Airlines back to Istanbul. It was inexpensive around $50. per ticket one year ago. We booked our tickets online before we left home. We did take a bus between Selcuk and Antalya then from Antalya to Goreme in Cappadocia. I would recommend flying!

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I rented a car in June. Very easy to get around. Someone from this web site recommended a car because he said that many of the sites were some distance from the train/bus stations. He was absolutely right! I travel alone, did not have any problems, and loved it. Buy a good map of Turkey before you go. I ordered mine from Amazon. Enjoy! Ann

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We flew Turkish air from Cappodocia to Istanbul, ($50 at most)Their buses are great mode of transportation, but we also rented car. Turkey is amazing to drive in especially on the coast, but its expensive, and was one of our treats for the torquoise coast, because we had such freedom to go where we wnated to. Never took train in Turkey.

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Hi, This is gokhan from izmir/ Turkey ; near Ephessus :) You may rent a car from Istanbul to izmir which is max.8 hours and 1-2 hours on ferry included. You can drive through Canakkale too to see Troya and Galippoli... another option you can take a bus from istanbul to izmir which are very confortable (see : this is the best). It could be interesting to have a day time travel or night time Also plane is a good [INVALID]native if you match the time and suitable ticket fee. You can by map when you will be in Turkey 2-3 Euro also I advice you to visit Join your travel. Gokhan

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I love taking Turkish trains. Lat May when I arrived in istanbul I took a overnight train to Konya. I had my own private compartment with a clean bunk and sink. It was very nice and only about 48.00 dollars. Turkey has great trains!

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I love Turkey and its people, the most friendly and helpful that I have met on my travels. I never felt unsafe as a woman on my own. Taxis (a car with driver for a day) is not expensive and need not be pre booked. Turn up at a taxi rank and agree a price for the day before you leave. Most speak English. I would investigate booking a taxi from Izmir airport to Ephesus. It's can't hurt and don't forget to haggle, no one expects you to pay the first price mentioned. Depending on how many people you are in the party it could be the cheapest option if you are good at haggling.

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Suzanne, My wife, our son , my brother and his wifw flew from Istanbul to Izmer on Atlas JETs then rented a car at the airport and drove to Selcuk where we stayed and explored the surrounding area, Sirince, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Chesme wonderful to have the freedom of your own transportation. Cheers Wel loved Turkey and the people hope se will be able to do it again. Bob in Florida