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Germany, Prague, and maybe Budapest

I am in the planning stages of my 2011 trip and need lots of help. I have my flight tickets and will be arriving in Munich on 05/28/11 I will leave Munich for Nice, France on June 10th. Help Help Help! I was in Munich last year and saw the usual things in the city. I would like to take day train trips. Won't have a car. Last year I took a train to Lake Constance but didn't go anywhere else. Where can I go by train and return in the Evening to Munich.? I would also like to take a train to Prague and stay there for a couple days and if possible to Budapest. I have two weeks to play with. I have already been to Austria. I want to focus on photographic towns around Munich. I could even spend the night elsewhere. Yes, I have Rick Steve's book and many brochures from last year. I know fellow travelers will know where to go by train and still base back in Munich. OH, I love gardens! Didn't go to any museums in Munich as I didn't have enough time last year.
I did post before Christmas but didn't get much feedback. Any ideas will be much appreciated. For Munich, Prague and maybe Budapest.

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If you like photography I can tell you that the trip to Budapest would be worthwhile... also Prague. I am a photographer and have been to them all and my favorite right now is Budapest. Had great photo ops in smaller towns along the Romantic Road (Dinkelsbuhl ) as well as the many castles, but I always had a car so I could stop as I wanted. You can see some of my photos of my trip to Romania and Budapest on my website at There are also a few from Prague. Have a great time!

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Regensburg is about 90 minutes away from Munich's Central Station. It's a UNESCO site. Schedules and prices for May/June aren't on DeutcheBahn yet but I looked for a weekeday in April and the price was 19 or 21 Euros. Maybe Lee will check in about a pass if you come up with more out of town trips.
Lots of photo opps in Prague and Budapest, and the food in RS's recommended Budapest restaurants was delish. 3 cities plus day trips in 2 weeks? Busy.

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Hi, While in Munich you're setting aside days for a day trip or two...I would suggest to #1: Ulm and #2: Augsburg. The cathedral in Ulm rivals Magdeburg and the Kölner Dom...fantastic. Augsburg is a famous religious and historical town. You have got a good deal of choices to see given a two hour radius from Munich. Or, skip the day trips from Munich and spend a day or two in Regensburg an der Donau. That puts you logistically also in position for going to Prague directly...the Regenburg-Prague train... and you have a direct train from Munich to Prague, if you decide to do the day trips. The key word here is "directly" so that you avoid the need to transfer while hauling luggage.

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You might get more responses if you post this question under the heading of "To the West" instead of "To the East". I know we have some very fine Germany experts on this board that can make excellent recommendations for you - but they may not check this section very often. I have been to Munich and Prague - so if you need any help there let me know. I think that busses are usually the way to go when traveling to Fussen or Dachau as daytrips from Munich. The area around the King Ludwig castles in Fussen is just gorgeous. Have you seen the English Garden in Munich?

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Virginia in my opinion Salzburg is a must. Easy 2h train from Munich and a very clean and charming typical Austrian city... although it seems much like a quaint town... easily walkable entirely. Cheap bike rental and so easy a town to cycle. We took a tour there which I was dreading as time consuming and hokey and while I was no great fan of the musical, The Sound of Music tour is something I count as a high point of my many european travels. A college student told us to not miss it, as I rolled my eyes. Like everyone else at the end of the tour, my wife and I were singing the songs without a care on the very clean and comfortable bus. Don't miss this Austrian gem of an opportunity... so close to Munich.