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Gdansk - amber

I've read about amber washing up on the beaches after a storm. Several Questions: Is it easy to distinquish amber from the other stones that wash up? Has anyone had much luck finding pieces of amber? How do you clean it up to look like amber - stone tumbler or is amber too soft? Also interested in good amber museum exhibits. Thank you.

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I've only been to the beach near Gdansk one afternoon, and saw no evidence of anything that looked like amber. At least to me, keeping in mind that I have no knowledge about semi-precious stones. Sounds, though, like you do. There is a nice exhibit of amber at Malbork Castle in Gdansk.

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The chances of finding amber on the beach are said to be better,as you said, after a storm, usually in the winter. Maybe September will be late enough in the year to find something. There's a more accessible beach to explore in Sopot which is a little resort town just a few miles up the coast from Gdansk. I didn't find anything, but I was there in early May a few years ago. As for an amber museum, I don't know of any, but St. Bridget's Church in Gdansk has an enormous amber alter.---If you love amber, you won't be disappointed in Poland; Gdansk, Krakow, and Warsaw all have amber, amber everywhere!