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from Cesky Krumlov to Munich

We will be travelling to Prague in July. After that we go to Munich. I am hoping to see Cesky Krumlov for a day. The original plan was to take a day trip with a tour company that would bring us there from Prague and then return to Prague in the evening. The next day we would leave for Munich. But after looking a little more carefully, I think I would end up retracing most of the trip to get to Munich. Would it make more sense to train or bus to CK on our own, stay overnight, and then train or bus to Munich? How easy is the transportation (bus or train) from Prague to CK, and from CK to Munich? Is it necessary to book ahead of time?

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The best way to get to C.K. from Prague is by Student Agency bus, so called Yellow Bus. In July it would be wise to book it little ahead. From C.K. To Munich by train it is about 7 hours plus minus. You can take shuttle from C.K. to Linz and then by train. Another option (which I did) is to go by train from C.K. to Nove Udoli then walk across the border to Bavarian village Haidmuehle and from there there is a bus to Passau and then just a short ride by train and you are in Munich.

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There are a number of shuttle bus companies that can get you to Cesky Krumlov from Prague. Checkout They can deliver you to the train station in Linz, or Salzburg.
They can also deliver you to the region's major cities, including Munich.