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From Budapest to Romania

Hi, just a few quick questions.
1) does anyone know the best train means for transportation from Budapest to Romania?
2) I am looking for a tour guide to see Poenari Fortress. I have looked at a few travel sights, but I really don't care to spend more than about 2 days in Romania. I only had one attraction I have wanted to see. Any suggestions on private guides? Cost?

Thank you in advance

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1) That depends a lot on where you want to go first, there are about 10 trains daily from Hungary to Romania using various routes.
The usual option is the EN473/Ister overnight train - it leaves from Budapest at 19.10, crosses southern Transylvania (stopping in many cities along the way, including popular tourist destinations like Sighisoara and Brasov) and arrives in Bucharest at 12.10 .

2) If you only want to visit a single place you won't really need a guide.

Take the IC407/Corona overnight train from Budapest to Brasov (17.40 > 8.53) then the bus to Curtea de Arges (9.50 > 14.28) and next a local minibus to Capataneni (nearest village to the fortress). Get to the fortress (a one hour walk along the Transfagarasan road + a climb to the top of the hill it's located on), visit it in the afternoon then return to Capataneni and spend the night at one of the many guesthouses there.

Next morning head back to Curtea de Arges, take a bus to Ramnicu Valcea then a train or bus to Sibiu. Try to visit some of Sibiu's medieval downtown, then in the evening make your way to Medias or Alba Iulia and catch the overnight train back to Budapest.

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Not sure if you have done your trip yet. Its a long way just for 2 days. Give Romania a chance. Brasov where you would change trains if you took the above advice is a great town to stop in for a couple of days and even use as a base. Look at other trips and just enjoy especially if you go in the spring. Overnight train get a sleeping compartment. But be careful on Romanian trains and keep you valuables with you and locked. I have taken the overnight train from Budapest to Brasov a few times and is a easy ride but best done at night.

Safe travels

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I have to agree that you will be missing a lot if you bypass Romania for only one location. Transylvania, Brasov, Singasoara and many other location were so beautiful and interesting. If you have time give it a look.