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flying out of dubrovnik

Hi, We are about to "get stuck" in Dubrovnik. Seems the only way out is how we came in, which was train from Zagreb to Split and bus to Dubrovnik. Anyone have suggestions? We are hoping to be in Ljubljana for a week after Dubrovnik. Searches on Rick`s suggested air line web sites comes up with a flight from Dubrovnik to London. A bit out of our way. The others all drew blanks for Dubrovnik. Has anyone taken the train from near Dubrovnik up through Sarejevo to Zagreb? wayner iNWI

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Another option would be to check Croatia Airlines for a flight from Dubrovnik to Zagreb. Then take the train from Zagreb to Ljubljana. We did the reverse a couple of years ago.

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There are multiple flights from Dubrovnik to Zagreb per day, then you can train or drive to Ljubljana. That seems like the logical way to go, especially since there isn't a train to Dubrovnik. You can look at this website to see all of the airlilnes that use that airport, too see what your other options are:

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I don't believe there are any trains around Dubrovnik. But bus service is good in Croatia.
And, there's an overnight ferry from Dubrovnik to Rijeka, and then a 2-3 hour bus to Ljubljana. But I'm not sure if the ferry runs year-round, so you'd have to check the schedule. Are you in Dubrovnik right now??

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Thanks for the help. We have air tickets to Zagreb. Thanks again for all whohelped. Yes, we are in Dubrovnik. now. wayne