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First time traveler&#59; Budapest & Prague

I'm going to be travelling to both Budapest and Prague next month. It will be my first time in Europe and looking for some advice. Any tips or things I should know before getting over there? Is it best to exchange money there or buy it here in the U.S.? Any recommendations on places to see, eat, etc.? I will be in Budapest for 5 nights and prague for 4 nights. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Get Rick's books... they will help with specific travel tips as well as general tips for European travel. I have been to both places and did the typical tourist stuff, as well as getting up at 4:30 a.m. to watch the sunrise over the Charles Bridge in Prague... it was wonderful to experience the city while most tourists were still asleep. In Budapest I also took a boat trip to the Danube bend and that was a beautiful trip. I typically get my money from ATMs where ever I am going. I don't like to carry too much cash. And I know I
pay some fees, but its worth it to me. Or, I use a credit card for whatever I can (one that I get miles one) Have a wonderful time.

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Get money as needed from ATM machines. They work in English. Rick's books are great for places to see. If you have an interest in music, one highlight that may not be included in the guides is the opera in Budapest-both the opera house and the performances there. Google will locate the details for you.

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Just scan of the postings on this site for a few days and you will find answers to all of your question. And then if you have a specific question, ask it,

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We took a typical hop on hop off bus tour in Budapest which was a good intro to the city and entertained our teens. We took Rick's advice about where to eat in Budapest and had some very memorable meals - Soul Cafe is one to try. Take the RS books with you. We did everything in Prague with the RS books guiding us.
The taxi drivers in both cities are tough unless someone calls for one, then the price is right. Still ask for a meter or at least the price before getting in.