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Ferries to and from Athens to the Greek Islands

Is it nececessary to book in advance as I believe they can change quite often or do you wait for the week before when the new timetable comes out and then maybe miss out altogether on your ferry and accommodation. Thanks.

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It generally is not necessary to book ahead. Maybe if you will be traveling during the very peak season of August, but then I would reconsider if possible and look at May/June or September. I found it very easy to buy the morning of, or possibly the day before I took a ferry.

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It depends on the "boat". If you are taking a flying dolphin early in the morning, you should buy your ticket a day or 2 in advance since seats do sell out. The Flying Cats and other high speed boats are the same. You should buy your ticket a day or 2 in advance as well. As for the big, slow boats, there is normally no need to. The nice thing is any travel agent or ticket booth can sell you a ticket on any boat (or at least 2 years ago)