favorite B&Bs in Austria

Need a safe, clean and reasonable B&B for 2 nights in Austria. Will be using Eurail pass so prefer it to be somewhat close to the rails. Anyone have a favorite?

Posted by Nestor
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If you could state were you are going it might narrow the replies you will get

Posted by Irene
Ventura, CA, United States
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I will be in Vienna and Salzburg. Open to any places there or nearby ....

Posted by Dawn
Denver, CO
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I haven't stayed here personally, but K&T Boardinghouse in Vienna gets tons of great reviews here on this board.

Posted by Christi
Whitsett, TX, United States
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We stayed in the Austria Classic Hotel Vienna - 5 minute walk from Vienna Praterstern station, 10 minute walk to the river and short walk to the subway. Really enjoyed our stay. In Salzburg we stayed at the Villa Trapp - I know sounds corny but it was kinda cool. It is the actual family home of the Von Trapp's. It is a short walk from Salzburg-Aigen Station. It is not in the center of Salzburg but a 10 minute bus ride away - the house sits on a lovely wooded park and is very quiet.

Posted by Nestor
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We stayed at the B&B Haus Ballwein in Salzburg but it is not near the train station. They were wonderful and reasonable for a family of 4.

Posted by Dina
Staten Island, NY
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We just got back from Eastern Europe. While we were in Vienna we stayed at Pension Schweizer Solderer. Although this place was clean and reasonable, our stay there wasn't pleasant and we are experienced in B and B's. Without going into detail, I'll say this much, Unless you like being treated like a child and having to abide by so many ridiculous rules, then don't stay here. Being a homeowner for many years, but most of all having common sense, we felt very uncomfortable. Our saving grace was that we were out all day. We would love to visit Vienna again, only next time we will be staying somewhere else. Hope you have better luck in finding a place.