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Fantasy Travel Agency in Greece

Hi all, I am working with Fantasy Travel Agency in Greece to plan our trips to the islands, meteora etc and wondering if anyone has had any experience with this group. It seems like their quote is a bit on the higher end but I hear that they are willing to negotiate so I have asked. Any other travel agencies you would recommend? Any tips while working with the local travel agencies? please any advice will be hugely helpful at this time! thanks!

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We haven't used either of these but over a long period of time the two agencies most often favorably mentioned on these postings are Fantasy and Dolphin Hellas.

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Thanks, that is another one we have contacted. thanks!

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I used Fantasy to plan part of my holiday in Greece, and although I haven't yet reached that part of the trip, I was very impressed by their professionalism. They made the arrangements promptly, and notified me each time they made a charge to my credit card. Fantasy Travel is one of the travel agencies recommended on the Greece Travel websites.

I'm currently on a RS tour of Greece (which has been fantastic!), but I'll try to remember to post an update on Fantasy later on, when their part of the trip arrangements begin.


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We used Petra from Fantasy Travel for our month long trip to Greece in 2007 and found her excellent. Everything was perfect except on one occasion the car rental company that was supposed to meet us in Athens for our trip to the Peloponese wasn't there on or arrival, but Fantasy Travel provides a help number that we called and things were sorted out within an hour.

We knew the types of accomodation we wanted and suggested the hotels. They made those bookings but if they didn't have an arangement with the particular hotel we had in mind, we went with their choice and were never disappointed.

At the time they had a 10 day Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and then tacked on another 20 days. The total price including hotels, ferries to Mykonos, Santorini, and, Crete, airfare from Crete to Athens, Athens to Lesvos and return, transfers, and a rental car for three weeks came to $7200.00 CDN for 31 days.

We didn't shop around for ther prices so we can't help you there. Normally we make all our our arrangements, but the convenience of having someone make all the ferry arrangements and and transportation to and from the ferries and airports was more relaxing.

We have recommended her many times to others.

Through their representative met us on arrival in Athens, we made a point of walking to their office near Syntagma Square to meet her in person.

PM us if you want more on our itinerary.

Enjoy Greece