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Excursions to Vis from Hvar

Has anyone taken an excursion from Hvar to the blue cave off Vis Island? If so, what company did you use? Did you reserve a spot, or walk on that day? Were else did it go?
Was it worth it?

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We didn't do this as an excursion from Hvar, but did see the blue cave when we spent a few days on Vis. We booked it through a travel agent on the island. Like all blue caves, it should be a sunny day to see the best bright blue color. We started our blue cave excursion on the opposite side of Vis on a partly cloudy day, and by the time our boat reached the cave, it was cloudy enough that the blue wasn't as brilliant as it would have been in the sunshine. But we still enjoyed it. And we loved Vis. Very quiet, beautiful, inexpensive island. Great food. We stayed in a room in the main town of Vis (Luka?); could find the name for you if you'd like.