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European Trip 2011

I have been so fortunate to have so many people give me advise on my travels to Europe. Again I ask for help.
I will be planning a 3 week trip starting on May 26 or 27th and returning on June 18th. I don't have my plane ticket yet but will very soon once I decide the particulars. There are definitely two places I want to go. One is to fly into Prague and the second is to fly home to Boston, Mass from Nice. I will spend my last week in Southern France. The dillema is how long to allot for Prague and what or where to go from there? I need to be in Nice on Saturday 6/11 or 6/12. Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated. Once I have ideas I can plan on how to get to nice from somewhere. I really don't want to go to Paris. I will need ideas on where to stay in Prague and what to see. I am a fairly good photographer and love taking pictures. Prague will be the biggest city I will be exploring so please give me ideas. I travel alone so want to be safe. I am 60 plus and love to travel. Thanks again for any help you may provide.

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Just a bit of advice about your dates. It is good that you are doing the Riviera last. The Monaco Grand Prix is 27th to 29th May this year so if you tried to do it the other way round you would have difficulties. Bon Voyage!!

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I am not a "typical pretentious Riknik" although I have been on 8 RS tours and have signed up for my 9th and I spend lots of time up at his offices in Edmonds, WA. I have never ran into a "typical pretentious Riknik" who thinks that Europe should be left to them but I found Prague too full of all kinds of tourist so that it is not on my list to return there. There are too many other beautiful places in Europe that are not full of tourists.

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There is much to see and many photographic opportunities in Prague. As mentioned, reading various guidebooks will help you identify what may interest you. Taking pictures in the early morn while on the Charles Bridge was a highlight for me. I suggest three days or so given the numerous sights. The 2008 edition of RS's Eastern Europe, which we used on our last trip there, lists three accommodation services plus numerous hotels. The current RS book on Prague and the Czech Republic would be worthwhile read. Also, there are several housing websites discussed in the Travelers Helpline that could also be utilized. We stayed at Hotel William which seemed safe and provided a good location for sights with public transportation readily available. Wear a money belt. Prague is overwhelmed with tourists, quite possibly most/all are Rikniks like myself. I became infected a couple decades ago and will need at least another three decades of field work in Europe and almost 1,000 posts on this website to confirm. Happy travels.