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Euro crisis and current (Feb-Mar/'12) prices in Greece?

My wife and I would like to travel to Athens, but I'm wondering how the Euro crisis is affecting prices there. Are prices down b/c they want to attract business, or are they up b/c of all the turmoil?

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If anything they're down a bit to attract more business in a shrinking economy.

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Allen We just got back at the weekend after a fortnight in Nafplio and Athens. The Hotel Attalos - an Athens favourite - was around 60 euros a night, and we were paying between 30 and 35 euros a night for an evening meal with local wine. Cafe life though is expensive: a couple of coffees were often around 7 euros, although Greek coffee is slightly cheaper. Cheers Alan

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If you're planning a Feb-March trip, you will find prices mostly down. This is more to do with it being offseason than any effect of their economic issues. And the exchange rate is very low right now, so the next couple months is an excellent time to go.

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These types of crisis rarely have much impact on day to day prices. The fluctuating rate of exchange for the Euro will impact the true cost in dollars to you but you have little control over that so don't worry about it. Short of a major crisis, the Euro probably will stay in a narrow range for the next couple of months.

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Staying is not so expensive. We hired a 2 bedroom apartment for Eur 110 / night. Food depends on where you eat. The cafes near Acropolis or even near a touristy place are still expensive.

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Prices are pretty much the same from what I've seen, the only difference is that restaurant tax is now 23%.