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Eurail Global Pass to Greece

I'm planning a trip for two months in Europe this fall and my wife would love to visit Greece. Looking at maps it seems like we can use our Eurail Global Pass in Greece but can we take the train to Greece from east Europe? It looks like we must pass through countries that are not included in the global pass or are only included with the select pass. Is it better to take the ferry from Italy instead of the train down? Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you have the pass and it will be active during your time there then use it, otherwise Greece is a poor use of a rail pass due to transportation being so cheap and very limited train service. You would need to take the ferry, but be warned your pass only gets you a "Deck Chair" (literally a chair on the deck, one of those plastic ones you might have on your porch) and to upgrade to an "Airplane Seat" or a dorm or a Cabin is extra. If you need sleep, spring for the Dorm bed. In Greece, you can use the train from Patras to Athens, Then Athens to either Thessoloniki or the Meteora, but that is pretty much the entire rail system. Tickets would cost $10 to 20, so if you have the option to just buy a ticket and save a day on the pass, then go that route. Greece is worth the hassle to get there, but I think you would want most of a week, including ferry time, to make it worthwhile.