Eastern European Visas

Hi, I'm a South African national living in Aberdeen, Scotland this year.
I would love to see Eastern Europe this summer (I'm thinking Croatia and Bosnia atm) but getting to the embassies is quite difficult. Is it possible to apply for more than one visa in one go at one embassy to save me the hassle of multiple trips down to London? S

Posted by James E.
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In the United States U.S. Citizens can use Visa Agencies that do all of the leg work on their behalf. There aren't many places where U.S. Citizens need visas any longer but when going to places where they are still required like China or Russia it sure does make life easier. Maybe there are similar companies in London or South Africa (if the London folks only want to mess with visas for UK citizens - its all done in the mail anyway.)

Posted by Dejan
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I don't think you can apply for more than one visa for the same country, but you could probably apply for all the visas at the relevant embassies in one go. I'm not sure how helpful this is for you, but if you are a holder of a Schengen visa you do not need an additional visa to visit Croatia, not sure about Bosnia.

Posted by Keith
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Sarah - Croatia has a consulate in Edinburgh, it might be worth ringing them to see if they can issue the visa - Edinburgh Consuls (I don't know if they can, it's just a suggestion). PS I did wonder if you needed a visa, but a check on www.visahq.co.uk, shows you are right, unfortuntaly, and you do need a visa for both countries if you have a SA passport