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Eastern Europe

My wife and I would like to make a trip to Eastern Burope. Prague, etc. Does anyone have a itinery that they would like to share? We have spent a considerable amount of time in Western Europe. What would you do over a two week time frame? Thanks. Tom

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This page has dozens of links that will give you lots of ideas: clickAlso check out where Rick's tours are going: clickAnd Rick's book: Best of Eastern Europe is a book full of ideas! Have fun planning!

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My husband and I had 2 weeks and we travelled to the following locations in central and eastern europe:

Sopron, Hungary

We did all trains, but it's been 3 years so it may make more sense to fly these days.

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Hi, Tom,

About 3 years ago I did the following trip (in this order) and loved it:


Krakow (including Auschwitz)



We flew into Prague and out of Berlin, and took trains between all the points. From Prague we took an overnight train to Krakow, which saved on time and money.

It was an interesting trip, a lot of which was focused around WWII sights. Dresden was one of the most bombed-out towns during the war (and they are still painstakingly restoring it), Krakow one of the least (and the most beautiful city I've visited thus far). But each town/country had their own distinct flavor, which really lended to the trip being a mixed-bag of cultural experiences.

All in all, I'd do it again in a heartbeat and recommend all or a combination of any of the towns listed above. Happy Travels!

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Angela's itinerary is a good one, and I agree that Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Three nights (at least 2 full days) would be advisable except for Dresden, where 2 nights (1 full day) would be enough. Other cities to consider are Budapest and Ljubljana/Lake Bled. Keep in mind that distances are fairly long between the cities mentioned, so plan for a day or night of train travel between most destinations. Dresden and Berlin are are the closest at about 3 hours apart.

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I found the itinerary my husband and I did in 2005.

2 days in Vienna with a night train to Venice

3 days in Venice
Night Train to Munich

Two days in Munich
With one day as a side trip with a tour group to Neu. Castle In Fussen
Night Train to Prague

3 days in Prague, with night train to Krakow

3 days in Krakow, including Auschwitz and the Salt Mines

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I just did a trip which included: Prague, Budapest, Sighisoara (RO), Brasov (RO), Veliko Tarnovo (BG) and Plovdiv (BG).

I highly recommend each of those destinations.