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Eastern Eastern Europe

I would like to travel to Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania in the Spring. In the past I have had some difficulties with the cyrillic alphabet when using mass transite, and thought this time I might do a group tour to make life easier. Any recommendations for tour organizers for this area? Also, tollerent or gay friendly groups would be preferred if available for this conservative part of the world. Thanks!

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you should have no problem navigating around in bulgaria and romania, they have english names and romanian chars are similar to english. you can also easily find people speak english. never been to serbia but heard it's harder to find people speak english so maybe a little more challenging.

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Have a great trip. There are lots of nice places in Romania. Sinaia is a nice touristic town 1-2 h drive from Bucharest (Bucuresti) that you can visit in your way to Brasov See: My favourite is Peles Castle Brasov City is very beautiful, and I am suggesting that you visit Poiana Brasov and eat at Sura Dacilor restaurant. Can find info about Brasov here: See this site for nice places to visit from Bucharest, going North (Sighisoara, Bran's (Dracula's Castle),etc... Maramures county (part of Transylvania) is the most rustic area of Romania. Close to Hungary and Ukrainia My two favorite places to see are: Barsana Monasteryârsana Also S?pân?a Merry Cemetery