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Easter European Trip

On a previous RS trip in the western part of Europe we spent only and hour or so (which I thought was way too short) at a well known concentration camp. We are considering a RS trip to the eastern part of Europe. Can those who have taken the 16 day RS trip to the eastern part of Europe tell me about how much time was spent at the two well known concentration camps in Poland? Thanks TC

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I took the best of Eastern Europe tour this year. We spent about 3.5 hours at Auschwitz and Birkenau (left after lunch, had about an hour each way from Krakow, and were back in Krakow by 6:30 p.m.). We had a local guide that took us through both places at a pretty good pace - there wasn't a lot of lingering time, especially at Auschwitz. We had a little time to wander around on our own at Birkenau. I felt I had enough time to see and absorb the places, and wouldn't have stayed longer if I was on my own. The 2013 tour itinerary has changed, so I don't know how it impacts the Auschwitz day (it looks like you stop there on your way to Krakow). Side note - the tour is fantastic, and with the 2013 changes in itinerary will have a much better flow than the tour I took this year. I'd advise getting to Prague at least a day early, as they cut off one of the Prague days when adjusting the itinerary and I think you need at least three days to see everything. Message me if you want more info or ideas!

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Thanks for the info. Sounds like much more time spent at the camps than before. TC