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Early morning flight from Izmir to Kayseri or overnight bus?

Hi all, We will be in Selcuk from 27th Sept to 30th Sept and our next stop will be Goreme. Need your help with figuring out the transportation between Selcuk/Denzili and Goreme. Here are 3 options: 1. We see a pegasus flight from Izmir airport on 1st oct 6:55 A.M to Kayseri. Can we do an overnight at the Izmir airport and take this early morning flight? We want to avoid sleeping in a hotel and wake up early to get to the airport. 2. Is there an overnight bus from Selcuk to Goreme directly? How much would that cost and how long is the journey? Is the journey comfortable? Can we book somewhere online? 3. We can take a day trip to Pamukkale after we check out of our hotel in Selcuk on 30th Sept morning with all our luggage. After the tour, we take overnight bus from Denzili to Goreme. This is doable but we are worried about our luggage and also freshening up before the overnight bus. Is the journey comfortable? Can we book somewhere online? Any other options or suggestions? Look forward to all the help! Cheers, Biraja

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