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Hi, I just read about this on another forum. There is an online visa application for Turkey which saves you from queing up for a visa upon arrival in Turkey. This is the website. http://www.todayszaman.com/news-313604-in-a-visionary-move-turkey-launches-e-visa-for-foreigners.html Supposedly the visa is emailed to you and you skip the visa line and go directly to passport control with the visa that has been sent to you by email. Have any of you tried this? Mary

Posted by Ed
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It only came out a couple of days ago, probably anybody that's used it is still recovering from the flight and not reading the internet. I'd read the pre-hype: * it sounded like just another piece of trash to keep track of * the movement from the visa desk to the immigration desk moves right along, so it doesn't seem like it would save much time * something I'd read seemed to say that it was tied in with the Olympics bid * the visa is more of a tourist tax, anyway I'm in and out of Turkey quite a bit. Probably won't change my ways.

Posted by Monte
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Waiting in the visa line was not a problem. It just took us a few minutes. You pay your money, get the visa stamp, and you are on your way.

Posted by Mary
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OK. Well, I'll report back when I get home in June. From what I've read, if several planes are arriving at the same time, this would save a bit of time upon arrival. Having never been to Turkey but having been through different passport control in a lot of different countries, I know that the immigration lines can be long at times.

Posted by Charlie
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I hope that works. It would be a minor improvement as the last time I entered Turkey I had been told to go to the visa desk with cash before getting into the other line(s). I did this and I saw an awful lot of folks ahead of me being sent back to the visa desk because they had not gone there first. My wait at the visa desk was less than 5 minutes and I had just arrived on a plane full of people. Happy travels and I certainly want to go back to Istanbul when time allows.

Posted by Tim
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The e-visa website charges 20 USD. Is that the same price as getting it in the airport upon arrival?

Posted by Mary
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Yes. It is the same price you pay for the visa in person.

Posted by NC
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Elle-- U.S.A is listed on the drop down menu under "nationality". You might've just missed it.