Dubrovnik to Korcula

We will be travelling in Croatia in May. We arrive in Dubrovnik, will spend 2-3 nights, then on to Korcula. It looks like there may be limited ferry service to Korcula at this time of year in mid May.
Anybody have any experience taking the bus from Dubrovnik to Orebic, then the short passenger ferry from Orebic to Korcula? If so, how much did it cost, and how conveniently can you get to the ferry terminal from the bus terminal in Orebic? We would prefer this option to the other bus (Dubrovnik to Korcula) that leaves later and takes longer.

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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Tom, we were there in May of 2012 (it's an awesome area, by the way). We went the other way - from Korcula to Dubrovnik. Here's what I can tell you... Probably no ferry available running in May. There is a ferry between Dubrovnik and Korcula in "high season" (starts June 1) but it typically does not run at all in "off season". This high season/off season has a dramatic effect on ferry availability - some lines run less frequently in the off season, some don't run at all. We arranged for a "transfer" from Korcula to Dubrovnik at a small travel agency shop in Korcula - it's listed in Rick's book. They also have an office in Dubrovnik, just a short walk (less than 5 minutes, even with packs) outside the old town. We left Korcula around roughly 7 am and arrived in Dubrovkin around 11 am. I'm sure they'll take you back the other way, probably in the afternoon. Cost was reasonable (don't recall exactly, maybe around $30 per person?). They put us on a small boat ("water taxi") from Korcula to Orebic, then on a 20-passenger small bus for the drive to Dubrovnik. No fuss, it was reasonably efficient, quite easy. I'd do it again.

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Great to hear your plans to visit Korcula.
Can confirm there will be no ferry in May as the car ferry starts in June. The bus from Dubrovnik to Korcula stops in Orebic before continuing to the island by car ferry and then to Korcula Town. If runs every day from Dubrovnik at 3pm and takes 3 and half hours (except Sunday when it leaves at 6pm). It costs approx. 95 Kuna per person plus 10 Kuna per piece of luggage you place in the hold (the price includes the car ferry crossing). Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office at Dubrovnik bus station. Orebic is the town nearest Korcula on the mainland. The bus waits here for around 20 minutes until the car ferry arrives. You stay on the bus (or get out on the ferry) for the 15 - 20 minute crossing to Korcula Island. It is then a 10 minute drive from the ferry port to Korcula Town. The company David refered to is probably Korkyra Info. They run a reliable service around €20.00 per person and can be contacted by email. Hope this info helps and wishing you a fantastic holiday.

Posted by Tom
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Thanks for your help. I found there is another option: a bus (Libertas) that leaves earlier than the other bus and takes less time (?and costs less), so it may work better for us.
It goes from Dubrovnik to Orebic, then you can continue on to Korcula by taking the 10 min passenger ferry to Korcula from Orebic. Anybody know how easy it is to get from the bus stop in Orebic to the ferry terminal?

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Tom, I replied to your message but just info for anyone else reading this post. As far as I know there used to be a "local bus" from Dubrovnik to Korcula but this service does not run anymore. Here is the latest schedule from the Libertas website which shows all buses leaving the Dubrovnik bus station:-
http://www.libertasdubrovnik.com/voznired.pdf Perhaps there is another service I'm not aware of it, but have a feeling it might be a dated schedule.