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Dubrovnik or Prague

I'm very fortunate that I can win very nice trips through my employer. This summer I would like to go further east than where I've gone before. I've narrowed my choices down to a week in Prague or a week in Dubrovnik. Unfortunately, my company will keep us at the same hotel for the entire week but we can day trip. Any advice?

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Just to get you started (and I'm sure others will chime in with more expertise), I've been to both and each place have certain merits.

Dubrovnik itself is fairly small and can be "covered" in a few days. But day trip options could include Montenegro, Mostar in Bosnia (although it really warrants at least an overnight, but day trip would be ok), and a few of the Dalmatian islands. A week in Dubrovnik could also, if you wanted, be a relaxing summer beach getaway.

Prague, on the other hand, is much larger and the city itself could keep you busy for several days. I've not been on day trips from Prague, but from what I understand, they could include Cesky Krumlov and Kutna Hora, among others.

Both places I've traveled to in shoulder season, so I'm not sure if time of year (summer) should play a part in the decision. Hopefully others will be able to assist with that.

Either way, you can't go wrong. Let us know what kinds of things you like to do on vacation (museums, beaches, city life, etc.) and maybe that would help with the responses.

Hope this helps and good luck - it's a nice decision to have to make!

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I completely agree with the above and both of them are swamped in July. Dubrovnik is also very busy in August. I love both of these wonderful places but have spent much more time in Prague. Both are well worth your visit but for me Prague is wonderful any time of the year. As much as I adore Prague and count it as one of my most special places in my heart, I would almost recommend Dubrovnik. Do you know what month you would be going? You can't lose with either choice!

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Arghh...I started writing that both Prague and Dubrovnik are phenomenal places on their own terms, but that Dubrovnik has the edge on day trips--the incomparable Montenegro, Kotar, the Elifiti Islands, Mostar, etc. But then I thought about Cesky Krumlov and Kutna Hora...Okay, it's a tie. Either way, you will have a terrific trip. Maybe the tie breaker would be that the Dalmatian islands are a lovely retreat from hot weather?

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Thanks so much for the replies. I'm leaning toward Dubrovnik but my wife prefers Prague. However, she has done zero research on either place. The only reason she prefers Prague is because we know other people who have been and said it was wonderful. We don't know anyone who's been to Dubrovnik. What would my primary selling points be for Dubrovnik over Prague, understanding that they are both great?

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I love both places tremendously.

During the summer months

Dubrovnik will overrun with cruise ships, in addition to normal land based tourists.

which will really impact your enjoyment of the town.

I would vote for Prague based on that.

With that said I have a couple of resources for you to view.

On our personal website I have a list of websites that you can find out how many ships are in a port at any given time.

The website address is below, just go into Karen's cruise corner.

I also have our pictures of Dubrovnik, Mostar and Montenegro in the Photo section

In the where we've been section are videos on Dubrovnik, Mostar, and Montenegro
and who we used as a private driver for day trips to each of those places.

BUT I do love Prague and Cesky Krumlov..

For other resources...DK Top 10 for Dubrovnik and Prague are excellent along with Rick Steves

Websites..check out and

I think you will be happy whatever you do!

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