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Driving to Dubrovnik


My husband, I and our 2 dogs are doing a driving tour de Europe this summer in our 1995 Toyota Corolla. We want to visit Dubrovnik. From what I have read the roads are tricky to navigate... Is this the case? Can we safely drive to the city? We will be driving from Bratislava.

If we don't drive, should we take a ferry? We can be flexible and either take a ferry from Italy or from Croatia.


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Have done Brat to Banska Bystrica (and beyond) return (you know what that's like), Slovenia, Croatian coast and BiH; by car. Our 2nd vehicle is a '94 Corolla (best car we've ever owned) and if you can drive the secondary roads of Slovakia, and your Toy's in decent shape, you can do Brat to Dub; better for the pups driving versus ferry. Stay away from Dub. to Mostar/Sarajevo roads unless you've got nerves of steel.

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We travel by car to Dubrovnik from the UK every summer, we drive a VW Passat, and although it is a three day trip it is perfectly straightforward.

What you have probably heard about Croatia is the coastal road that runs from Rijeka to Dubrovnik, which is not built to motorway standards, nor is it a dual carriageway. Provided you accept it for what it is, it is a perfectly good road, but it is slow.

The good news is that two or three years ago a new motorway was constructed from Zagreb to Split. This means that from Bratislava you will be on motorway all the way to just past Split except between Maribor, Slovenia and the Croatian border. Provided you don't mind some long tunnels the journey is fine.

All that said, the ferry down the coast is great too, as it stops at a number of lovely islands.

However if you want to get a feel for the place, don't use the motorways, use the inland regular roads. It takes more time, but you'll see much more.

Have fun.


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The roads are well marked and, for the most part, in good repair. There were lots of repairs on the coast road between Split and Dubrovnik last year, so things should be in good shape this year. If you have a car, keep in mind that the old (tourist) part of Dubrovnik is generally a pedestrian-only zone. We found a hotel outside the old city walls that had free parking and was within walking distance of the tourist area. Have a great trip.

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I drove from Split to Dubrovnik back in 1968 and I found the roads to be perfectly acceptable...a little like our Highway 1 here on the N. Cal coast. I agree with the other poster who commented on the road from the coast over to took us about 24 hours to go 150 miles (full disclosure, we slept for about 5 or 6 hours).

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The advise given here by these responders will help you. Because the roads are primitive and not well maintained, you cannot travel at a fast pace.

Allow twice as much time as you would otherwise for the miles. You pass through many small villages where the speed is limited.

Once we left Trieste we found the countryside very appealing. Much more interesting than travel by ferry. The amount of time you have will determine the route you take.