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Driving in Peloponnese

My wife and I will be driving a car in the Peloponnese this summer and would like to know what the roads are like from Nafplion to Olympia and from there to Finikoundas. We have read that there might be very steep windy sections of the roads. We would like to know how drivable the roads are.

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My husband and I drove all over the Peloponnese last June. The roads are not that bad, but do stick to the national and main thoroughfares.

There was one time when we chose to take a "shortcut" that was less distance than the national road, but it was through the mountains, trecharous, windy, and we would be the only car for long stretches (up to 1-2 hours) yikes!

Even the times when the roads were windy and steep, I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. It's passable and fine, just be careful and use your judgment. Stick to the national roads and use a really good map that you can buy once you are in the country. Have fun!

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You shouldn't have a problem. My suggestion would be though, after many trips to Greece, take a bus to Corinth and then rent a car. It's only an hour bus ride from Athens and will save you as much time sitting in traffic and avoiding deadly collisions. My husband is Greek - refuses to drive in Athens. Just my opinion.

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Don't'll be fine.

The roads in Greece are fine too. Remember, Greece has much less traffic than you are probably accustomed to. When you start out, take notice of how the locals drive and be open to follow their lead. You'll have no trouble.

Nafplion and Olympia were two of our favorite spots. Enjoy your trip.