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Driving in Eastern Europe -- border crossings

Any advise/issues concerning border crossings in Eastern Europe. In particular, is it easy to get the highway use permits for the Czech Republic? Slovakia? Hungary? Is anything else needed beyond the typical -- proof of insurance, passports, etc? Thanks.

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We just got back from Prague, CZ last night...we drove over from Germany (where we live) and drove right across the border into Karlovy Vary, then on to Prague. The main highway E6 is closed for construction, so we had to travel the two-lane E48 all the way. Only after we arrived in Prague did I read (in Rick's book) you needed a highway vignette...not that I recommend breaking the law, but I never got the "required" decal, and I had no worries/problems. I remained vigilent the entire trip, noting other cars and never saw one on any of them, so I never gave it another thought. One place that does require a vignette, and enforces it, is Austria. The price for the vignette is around 10,00 euros; the fine for not having one...500,00 euros. Hope this helps.

Andrew & Amy
Schweinfurt, GE

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The sticker is needed only for freeways and almost every gas station should have it.