Driving in Croatia and Solvenia

We will be renting a car in Milan and would like to drive into Solvenia and Croatia. We are finding all kinds of stumbling blocks in renting a car: need written authoriation from Milan to go into Croatia, must drive a manual car, has to be a full size car etc. Any suggestions as to what company would let us drive from Milan to Croatia with no hassle?

Posted by curt step
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I rented a car in Trieste from Autoeurope in 2010 and indicated that I will be driving into Slovenia and Croatia and I did with no problems. Driving a manual shift is normal in Europe, not a stumbling block. No written permission was needed from anyone. I had a Fiat Punta which was a requested size. Croatia still had border control at that time and may still have. Our trip there was excellent.

Posted by Anne
Charleston, Sc, Us
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Judith, we have been renting cars and driving all over the place since we got to Slovenia in September and have not run into any problems of this sort. We have driven into Italy several times, Croatia and into Austria a couple of times. All the rental cars have been manual, I think that's par for the course in Europe! We do tell the rental company where we plan on going but mainly because the rental clerk gives us details on the driving decals needed (vinetta) and tolls we will encounter. We were not given any document stating we could go into Croatia, and at the border no one asked for the like. What you are encountering is probably just wording to appease the rental agency's insurance company. All should be fine. Have fun!

Posted by Terry kathryn
Ann Arbor, Mi
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I also had no problems with renting in Venice and driving to Croatia. Try a different rental company. I usually use one of the 'regulars'... Hertz, Budget, Avis, Sixt (who ever is cheapest) I do drive a manual in Europe, but you might be able to reserve an automatic (if available, costs more)