Driving by Car from Trieste to Karst Region

Hello, we are thinking of landing in Trieste, Italy and renting a car and driving to Karst Region of Slovenia in November 2012. Here are our questions:
A) What are road conditions like during this season, typically? B) Is there anything we need to acquire in Italy before crossing the border to Slovenia (i.e., vehicle stickers, etc.). If yes, what are they and where do we get these? C) What must see sights do you recommend to go and or stay in Karst Region? D) If you had a day and a half where would you suggest for us to stay and see the sights: Piran, Portoroz, Izola, Ankaran, or Koper? Thanks!

Posted by Greg
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Hi Chit! The area should be snow free but may be a little icy in the mornings. The area is also prone to a little fog and the famous "bora" wind on certain days. Other than that there shouldn't be a problem driving. If travelling on a tollway in Slovenia (main freeways) then you must have a vignette on your windscreen. Purchase one at the border (petrol station) before entering any freeway. Heavy fines apply. Also from November onwards, all cars must have snow tyres fitted and carry chains so check that your hire car has them. See more info on vignettes at: http://www.dars.si/Dokumenti/Toll/Methods_of_payment/Vehicles_up_to_35_t/Vignette_308.aspx We would suggest that you tour the Karst region then stay at the Hudicevec Tourist Farm overnight. http://www.hudicevec.si Sights in the area include: Sneznik Castle, Rakov Skocjan, Cerknica Lake, Postojna Caves, Predjama castle, Skocjan Caves, Lipica Stud Farm, Stanjel Heading down to the coast definitely do the walk from Piran to Portoroz and maybe even the Salt Pans. Izola has some nice restaurants and Koper has a nice old town. Hope that has been of some help
Greg and Rona