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Dressing for Symphony in Prague

At home in Texas, people generally dress business casual for the symphony. In Rick Steves' video about Prague, he goes to hear Mozart in the St. Nicolas Church and everyone is dressed like a tourist in jeans and t-shirts.

My husband and I have tickets to see Alfred Brendel at the Rudolfinum during the Prague Spring Festival. What should we wear???

Thank you!

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Rick was probably attending one of the smaller, second-tier classical performances (of which there are many in Prague). My guess is that if Alfred Brendel is performing, it will be in a more formal environment. Business casual should suffice, but you may draw some awkward stares in typical tourist garb. But of course, there are no enforcable dress codes for European classical concerts.

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We were in Prague this past fall and attended several concerts. As far as dress a nice dress and jacket/dress shirt for your husband will be fine. When we were there I saw no one in jeans/t-shirt. Hope this helps, it is a fantastic city and the people were wonderful. There are almost nightly concerts of classical music and we truly fell in love with Prague.
Have a great trip.

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Thanks to both of you. I honestly wasn't sure if "business casual" would be enough for this concert in Prague. Your responses help a lot.

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Women are lucky in this regard--you can wear some of that nice acetate-spandex travel knitwear--I always take a longish A-line black skirt and matching top. Add a silk scarf, and voila, you're dressed for the Opera. But with a more casual accessory, you're dressed for a day of museums...these items are featherlight and easily packable. Men's jackets are another matter--neither all that light or all that packable. Still, it's worth it for a fabulous experience like that concert.