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Does anyone know the Zappion Hotel?

I have booked three different places in Athens. Two are near Omonoia Square. There third which is called the Zappion, located in the Pagrati District. I need to lose two of them asap or pay a fee.

They are all comparably priced. My only question is the Pagrati District substantially less sketchy than Omonoia? I am taking my 83 year old uncle to Athens and I am really trying not to upset him. I can easily do sketchy (been to San Francisco, Amsterdam, West LA, New York before), but I am worried about his needs. Anyone know the Zappion Hotel's neighborhood? Thanks in advance, Andreas

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Well I googled the hotel for reveiws,, and tripadvisor only has 5 on this place,, but phrases like "smells like urine" and rooms like "porn sets with black lights" turned me off.

I think you can do better. Go onto , go to forums, go to hotels in Athens,, start looking. I am sure you can find something reasonable but nicer.

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I don't know the hotel itself, but I really like the area. We often go into it from other parts of Athens to eat, as there are several nice tavernas there.It's certainly quieter and less sketchy than the area below Omonia at the moment.

You are about 5 minutes walk at most to the Olympic Stadium, and maybe 10 - 15 minutes from the nearest metro. There are good trolley connections from the end of the road across to close to Plaka.

My only concern, not knowing what your uncle's mobility is like, would be that you are further from a metro than you would be at Omonia.


PS If you go with this option please come back and tell us what the hotel is like. We've often walked past it and considered staying there, but never got round to it.