Dividing Time between Sarajevo and Mostar

I had a question about how to divide a few extra days between Sarajevo and Mostar. Right now, it looks like I have two choices: Option One Day 1) Arrive in Sarajevo early afternoon Day 2) See Sarajevo, Drive to Mostar Mid-Evening Day 3) See Mostar, Drive to Split Mid-Evening Option Two Day 1) Arrive in Sarajevo early afternoon Day 2) Sarajevo
Day 3) Drive to Mostar early AM, onto Split mid Evening I guess it really depends on whether Mostar is worth an overnight. From what I've read, the city is either worth several days as to see all of the countryside or a few hours as to not fall too in love. I'm leaning towards option two, simply because it would be one less night to pack/unpack. I wish we had more time for BiH all around, but it is what fits into our schedule.

Posted by Angela
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I personally believe Mostar is worth an overnight (or 2 or 3), but I may be a little biased because that is where my husband proposed. I was curious to know where you'll be before Sarajevo? Will you be coming from Croatia, or...? It's a tough call, as both options have pros and cons. Mostar is small and we found the attraction to us was just being there rather than running around from sight to sight. Sarajevo, on the other hand, has more to offer in terms of musuems, historical sights (many from recent history), restaurants, etc. That said, and as much as I love Mostar, I'd vote for Option 2. As an aside, we found the Sarajevo In Your Pocket free online download very helpful (www.inyourpocket.com). Good luck!

Posted by Mark
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Once you have seen the bridge you have seen Mostar. Continue on to Sarajevo or to Split.