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Delphi and Nafplio hotel suggestions

Until Rick writes his book on Greece, I'm left with your suggestions: What's a nice, not too expensive (around 50-60Euro?) place to stay in Delphi or Nafplio? Possibly a B & B? Thanks.

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A while back I stayed in the Acropole in Delphi

It was comfortable, had great views and the price was reasonable. However, I was there out of season when prices drop substantially so it may be out of your price range depending on when you are going. My impression is that all accommodation in Delphi is fairly expensive, but someone else may have a cheaper option.

In Nafplio I've just booked here for March this year:

They are charging 50 euros including breakfast, but again this is an out of season rate. I also like the acronafplia, but don't know what their prices are like in season

Finally, the Hotel Nafplia on Bouboulinas is a reliable modern hotel in the new town. I can't find it on-line but I've never turned up there to find it full. It is next to the Atlantic supermarket. The bus goes past it on the way into town.


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Google "Hotel Leto" up by Acronafplia, looks down on town & bay. Rooms w. balconies about 62E last year in May including continental breakfast. Tell them Janet from Philly recommended.

If they are booked (and they always seem to be since I started praising them on the forums) you can try Pension Eleni, right next door, similar rates. Both these can be accessed by taxi from Bus station, or by car, to a parking square about 100 yards away. But you will go down stairstep streets to the main Old Town and Harbor -- good for the calf muscles!!