Day trip to Delos from Mykonos

We're going on a eastern Mediterranean cruise late this spring that stops in Mykonos. We're interested in taking a day trip over to Delos (independent and not as part of a cruise excursion), as well as having enough time to explore Mykonos town. Our ship arrives at 1:00am and leaves at 6:00pm; I don't know how early we'll be able to leave the ship. Is there enough time to comfortably do both or do we have to choose one or another? Also, I'm interested in hearing if its worth hiring a guide while visiting the island or is using a book such as the RS Greece book good enough?

Posted by Nadine
Austin, TX, USA
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1:00 am is an odd arrival time for Mykonos, I would double check that. The ferries to Delos stop running in early afternoon. If you can get over to the main part of town where the ferries are by 10:00 you'll have plenty of time. Delos is wonderful and well worth the time and Mykonos is very fun to wander around.

Posted by Lee
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It's enough time. First thing in the morning make your way into town by shuttle bus or taxi, go to the departure dock and take the next boat. Delos closes at 3pm, but is closed Mondays. From a Mykonos website: Departures: to the antique archaeological sanctuary: now an unhabited island with some of the most remarkable existing ruins in Greece: round trip ticket costs 30 Euro. incl. entrance fee for the island. - from old jetty in town: 3 boats daily: "Margarita" dep. at 09h50, 11h10 with return from Delos: at 13h30, 15h00. "Orka" dep. at 09h00, 10h15, 12h50 with return from Delos: 12h20, 13h45

Posted by john
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My wife and I took the cruise excursion from Mykonos to Delos. Yes you have enough time and it will be cheaper hiring your own guide. For our piece of mind we used the cruise in case something happened like mechanical problem or medical. Once on the island you can stay with the group oe go on your own. Well worht it.