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Day trip suggestions from Monaco on cruise stop

Hello, We will be in port from 7 to 6. It is my understanding that there is not much time needed to see the sights in Monaco and am considering taking the bus or train to Eze for a quick stop and Nice. Can someone confirm how easy it would be to take the train from Monaco to Nice and Eze? Also, will I have enough time to at least spend 1.5 hours in Eze and 2 hours in Nice? I would like to have at least 2 hours in Montecarlo to explore some the sights there as well. The cruise does offer tours, however, I am not happy with the tour content as pretty much the Nice tour includes a trolley rise throughout the town with barely no time to explore on own. Any suggestions are highly recommended. Thank you.

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Hi Wanda - As Steve mentions the trip down to Nice is easy and it's very pleasant to see the Old Town section as well as The Beach area.
Regarding Eze Village - Bus 112 which is about 5-10 minutes walking distance from the pier will take you directly up to Eze - An absloutely Beautiful village overlooking Monaco and the Riviera.
In Monaco, of course, the Casino is a must see - Also, a very nice underground shopping mall - A bit pricy - two minutes from the Casino.
It is a bit much to do all these things in one stopover from the ship. It has been one of my special jobs throughout the years BUT I really think all three will rush you/


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We found the best place to visit in Monaco were the Jardins Exotique which are a bus ride from the disembarkation point. They are well worth a visit and they also have some underground caves which you can explore with a guide. We were in port on a Sunday and all admissions and the buses were free...

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If this is your first trip to Monaco, then focus on Monaco. There is more than enough things to see and do to occupy the day. The time you are suggesting is very short for both Nice and Eze. A tour of a perfume factory will take longer that than. There is also a good possibility that you will be tendered in so you will lose addition time.

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You might want to try -- find your cruise line -- there is a board like this but specializing in cruising.