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Day Trip - Hvar from Split

Has anyone done a day trip to Hvar from Split? Looks like it would work using the local ferries that run from Split to Stari Grad on Hvar. Would I completely miss the charm of Hvar by arriving mid-morning, exploring during the day and returning to Split in the early evening? I plan to visit in late September when I'm concerned things might be too quiet in Hvar for a stay.

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I haven't been to Hvar but have been to Kortula. We were in Kortula in mid-October a couple of years ago and it was very quiet. Some of the restaurants were closing for the season. If you've got the ferry schedule worked out, it makes sense to me to do a day trip from Split as it I think you're right--it could be a little quiet in Hva--especially at that time of year.

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isailtheseas - I'll be in Croatia from 09/22 thru 10/04. If I day trip to Hvar, it will be on Saturday as it appears many restaurants and sights are closed on Sunday. I'll check your trip report and send you an e-mail with any questions. Thanks.