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Day Trip from Istanbul

Hi, I have a 2 day lay over in Istanbul in December and since I've visited Istanbul several times before, I am planning a day trip outside of Istanbul to see a new part of Turkey. The only places I've been to in Turkey are Istanbul & Edirne. Would appreciate any suggestions for nice day trips from Istanbul. Is Izmir / Ephesus do-able in a day trip? I found some reasonable plane tickets from Istanbul to Izmir and the flight is under an hour. Thanks!

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I was in Ephesus in May and it is wonderful. It will be a long day for you but very gratifying IMO. You can bus it from Izmir just be very aware of bus schedules and the sm museum in town is also excellent if you find you still have alittle time. Me I would do it no question even tho it will be a long day.
I hope I can go back again some day.

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I have several days in Istanbul prior to my tour beginning. Currently, I am considering 3 day trips (but there are lots more.) They are: Troy, the Black Sea, Bursa. All provide a different experience. A quick web search will offer several companies which do each trip. As I am seeing Ephesus on tour I'm not considering it for a day trip. If you decide Ephesus is too far, think about one of the three listed above. I'll be going in September and would be happy to report on my experience if I can remember to do so. It looks like a ton of good day trips are available.