day trip from Athens

Hello - In mid-October, I'm on a group tour of Greece and Turkey, first visting Athens for two days. We'll be visiting the Areopagus, Acropolis, Agora, and Plaka. The third day is Corinth. After Corinth, tour is going to some greek islands and Turkey. I have an extra day at the beginning of the trip, and thought I'd do a day trip from Athens. Reading through Rick Steves' book, he recommends either Delphi or Hydra. Which do you prefer, or is there another option for a day trip? I like museums, natural scenery, photography. Not really into laying on the beach, shopping or night life. Thanks! Dan

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Dan I would definitely go for Delphi over Hydra, especially since you are anyway going to some islands later in the trip. Another good day trip is the Peloponnese, taking in Mycenae and Epidavrus. Given you are already going to Corinth though you may not want to do this. The first part of the trip is along the same road. As well as the sites in Athens you mention I would really recommend finding the time to walk up Filopappou, the hill opposite the Acropolis. Some of the best views of the Parthenon are from here. We've written up some details of the walk, and there's a photo of the view, about halfway down this page Have a great trip. Alan Alan

Posted by Nancy
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I agree with Alan, if you're going to some islands on the tour Hydra is not a must-see (although it's my favorite island). Both of his suggestions (Delphi or Mycenae & Epidaurus) are good ones. Given those options my personal choice would be Mycenae & Epidaurus.

Posted by Jon
Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
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Hi Dan, I was there in June and Hydra or Delphi are both good options. Hydra is probably the easiest and cheapest option but unless you are spending the night there, I think you will miss the best of what Hydra has to offer at night. We hired a taxi tour company to take us to Delphi. Along the way our driver recommended visiting Hosios Loukas Monastery and that was the highlight of our trip. We like old untouristy churches and this was perfect and had great scenery perched on the hill. Hosios Loukas and Delphi are a nice 1 day excursion if you use a driver. If there are several of you the cost is not too bad since you have a personal driver who can relate some history along the way.

Posted by Alan
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A private driver sounds great but, if funds won't stretch, Go Tours and Chat both do Delphi. Tey also both do the Argolid, for Mycenae and Epidavrus. It's a good while since I've used either but my memory is they are much of a muchness. Alan

Posted by Dan
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Thanks for the advice everyone. I've been look at Delphi, and it looks beautiful. So, I'll think I'll take the bus there for the day.

Posted by Alan
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Dan Delphi is beautiful. I'm sure you won't regret it. I assume you are planning to get a tour bus? if so I'd advise not taking a lunch included one. The lunch tends to be mediocre and you'll regret the time spent eating it when you could have been spending more time on the site or in the excellent museum. The site is a short walk from the museum and the museum a short walk to the main town. The easiest thing, therefore, is probably to get sandwiches or whatever before you set off from Athens. Have a great trip. Alan

Posted by Brenda
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We just returned from Athens. We did the day trip to Delphi through Viator (didn't deliver what they said they would so watch out for that).
We also booked a second bus tour which ended up getting cancelled the day before. Have a back up plan to your back up plan if you plan on going to Greece.