Czech Republic via Wroclaw or Krakow : worth a visit?

Hi, We are heading to Poland next June (2 weeks) and we are planning our itinerary. We will stay in Gdansk, Torun, Warsaw and we will visit Krakow and Wroclaw for sure. We visited Czech Republic twice in the past and really liked it. I am desperately looking for a reason to cross the border and have a daytrip (or 2?) in Czech Republic from Krakow or Wroclaw. Is something worth a visit in this czech region? Otherwise we will still have plenty to visit in Poland. Thank you for your help.

Posted by Ilja
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To visit something in the Czech Republic from Krakow or Wroclaw just for one or two days would be a lot of driving. Without a car it would be too complicated for such a short time. Nevertheless from Krakow it would actually be Slovakia High Tatras. I would describe it as condensed Alps. From Wroclaw Jeseniky mountains with beautiful spas in Jesenik and Karlova Studanka. According to New York Times Karlova Studanka made it to 40 places in the world most worth to visit. Website: Karlova Studanka is # 34.