Czech Republic, Poland, and Austria

Travelling from Northeast Czech Republic where we will be for a week. We have 6 days until our plane flys out of Prague. Places we are considering traveling...Krakow and Auschwitz, Brno, Cesky Krumlov, Vienna, the river towns and Salzburg. I have been to Vienna and taken a cruise from Vienna down to Salzburg, stopping off in cute, little towms along the way. Loved it and thought they might enjoy going in to Austria. I am budget conscious and travelling with a college and elementarynage girl. Train and get the Czech-Austria pass? Or point to point. Not sure if i want to drive. Include Krakow? Route? Not opposed to night train and sleep there if needed.
We have seen Prague for a few days.

Posted by James E.
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Six days isn't a lot of time. The Czech Republic is too good to leave if you have the opportunity to stay there. Go to Prague, set up shop, see Prague and do a few day trips or overnight trips. Three days in Prague is sort of mandatory, an overnight trip to Cesky Krumlov is well worth the effort. Now you have two days left. See, went fast. Now choose another overnighter out of Prague and you are set. Go to for ideas. If you rent an apartment in Prague it should set you back about 60 euro a night in a convenient neighborhood. The advantage is you drop your stuff and only take what you need for the overnight or day trip.

Posted by Dana
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Sounds good. We have all seen Prague for 3-4 days so I think we are ready to see other sites this go around. We have an apt in Prague for our outbound night and the night before our flight home and more if we need it. Hoping to show the girls some more of Europe as who knows when we'll be back

Posted by Agnes
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Krakow is amazing, so if it's not too out of your way, I'd recommend at least 2-3 days there, especially if you want to see Wawel Castle, the Jewish Quarter, Schindler Factory, Auschwitz, and the Salt Mines

Posted by James E.
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If you only have 6 days then look for a place easy to get in and out of. You don't want to spend a lot of time traveling .... unless its good scenery. Train to Vienna and do 2 or three days there then train on to Budapest for 2 or three days and then fly back to Prague. Or Vienna and Salzburg. But I would keep it to two cities.

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6 days is not that much for everything you want to see. I think you mentioned earlier that you are staying in Trinec. From there it's easy to get to Krakow by train with change in Bohumin and usually also in Katowice. From Krakow you can go to Brno, maybe stop on the way in Olomouc. From Brno to Cesky Krumlov and then to Prague. Logistically it makes sense and you won't have time for more. Point to point tickets will be cheaper than a pass.