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Czech Republic Entry Requirements

My travel agency tells me I need documented proof that I have $50,000 medical/repatriation insurance to enter the Czech Republic. Is my agent trying to make more profit by selling me additional travel insurance? She says my employer-issued medical card is not sufficient since it doesn't specify the amount of coverage. Any experience with this situation?

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The Czech government does have a law on the books requiring all visitors to have insurance, but there haven't been any reports of them asking anyone to show proof. BUT regardless of whether it is required by local laws, one should always purchase medical/evacuation coverage whenever they leave the USA. Should you suffer a severe leg break and require special seating on an airplane to get you home, those charges start at $20,000USD! Some employer-issued policies cover overseas travel, but most don't. You can pruchase coverage for as little as $4.00 a day from companies like this:

Most of the policies travel agents push are overpriced and contain coverage that's not necessary.

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You should have adequate medical insurance whenever you leave the country. Any country.

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Yes, the law is on the books, but I've never been asked to show proof of any such policy. I agree that you should have some form of insurance to cover the unforeseen, but I would go outside of your agent for that purpose.

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This was brought up a few months ago on this message board. We entered Czech via train and never had to show any proof. I guess we would have been screwed if they'd required that because we didn't have it!

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Travelinsure is very good and cheap. Dont let your travel agent make a bunch off of you by pushing what you dont need. I drove all the way through the Czech Republic and have trained it also and they never ask you for any proof of insurance but I have always had some cuz I hike alot and can get injured. If you drive make sure you stop at the border at the little kiosk after the border guards wave you through without even looking at your passport(I held it up in the window as I drove through and the guard smiled and waved me through) and buy the highway sticker that you will need to put in the corner of your window. If you dont have one and you get stopped it is an expensive on the spot fine.