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Czech Republic---Easter


I will be in Prague for my 21st birthday this next year...which also happens to be on Easter! I was just curious if any travellers out here on the helpline know how Prague celebrates Easter, and how likely it is that everything will be closed? Thank you for any insight!


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We were in Prague for easter five years ago and everywhere was open.

My impression is that czechs don't really celebrate easter at all. Only 33% of czechs belong to a religion and only 11% attend church regularly. The major tradition is roman catholic, but my czech friends are proud of the fact that the czech republic is the most atheist country in europe, apart from estonia.

Having said that I'm sure there will be services going on if you want to attend one. There are certainly plenty of churches!

Prague is a beautiful city, and I'm sure you'll have a great time.

A very early happy birthday to you!


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I was in Prague for Easter in 2006, and I can report that everything remained open. Actually, the city was packed with tourists, mostly from Britain and the US.

Of interest to Easter, there was a holiday market set up in the Old Town Square. I attended Tyn Cathedral for Catholic Mass. In typical Prague fashion, the service was heavy on classically oriented music. Even my nominally Protestant traveling companion enjoyed the service.

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I am happy to hear that Prague isn't going to "shut down" for Easter. I was worried that it would be a situation like in Spain or Italy.

As for the crowds, I cannot really avoid that. Traveling in March and April is working out well for me with my Spain--Italy--Prague--Germany trip. I assumed crowd-wise, I'd be "ok" but I of course, will be prepared for anything!

Thanks to all!

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Easter Monday is a state recognized holiday and certain institutions will indeed be closed: Banks, post office, government offices, schools and most businesses. A lot of restaurants, pubs, movie theaters, theaters will be open. Prague transit, trains and buses are on holiday schedule. You won't see a lot of celebration of Easter in Prague. If you are interested in seeing Easter celebration small towns and villages are better place. I would recommend southeastern Moravia where the tradition I think is most alive.

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I agree mostly with Ilja's info. The celebration's are very low key in the households. A hold over from the communist times of only celebrating state holidays like May Day & no grouping together in public at any other time. My inlaws still dye eggs with all natural colorings (like onion) wrapping string around them first to make patterns, have the Easter lamb, and special baked goods. The boys are still keeping with tradition by weaving willow whips but don't go around smacking the girls with them for their colored eggs. Some of the towns in Southern Moravia and Bohemia areas have some celebrations, but they are few and hard to find. You will find many Easter items in the markets such as beautifully patterned eggs.