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Czech language CD

We're traveling to Prague in August, and I'd like to learn some basic Czech phrases before we go. (Numbers, please, thank you, etc.) When we went to Italy, it was easy to find a CD at the library and learn the basics. But I can't find Czech at the library, so I'll have to buy one. Has anyone used any that they recommend? I want repetition so I can practice saying the words correctly. Thanks!

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Does your library do interlibrary loans? If they are part of a library network at all, they should be able to get some Czech language stuff from another library in the network, free of charge to you.

I've never tried to learn Czech, but I'm learning Hungarian now and for what it's worth, I like the Teach Yourself Hungarian book as well as Colloquial Hungarian by the publisher Routledge (and I'm 99.99% sure there are Czech versions of those).

As for phrasebooks, I like the Lonely Planet ones.

There's also a Learn Before You Land CD series for many languages, which doesn't teach grammar but is an OK way to pick up some phrases/pronunciation before a trip.

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Amy, Learn before you land has Czech as well as many other languages available at iTunes for $8.95. I am excited to try that. I also have found some free pod casts teaching language although I'm unsure whether Czech is available. Have a great time!

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Thanks guys. I actually looked again at my library and I did find that they have a Pimsleur set. It's checked out but due back in a few weeks. If I'm unable to snag it, I may have to go the inter-library route, OR I'll buy it used on They have some for less than $20.00. I've read (in Rick Steve's book) that you get better service in restaurants if you attempt to speak their language, so I'd like to give it a try!