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czech health insurance requirement

The czech republic requires health insurance for entry. How do US citizens meet this requirement economically?

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Joe - we drove into Prague last year and except for having to buy a permit for the car (at the border) we were not asked about anything else. During the 3 days we were there we were never asked about health insurance, but I always carry my normal insurance card anyway.

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Joe, are you insured here in the US? If so, I wonder if just bringing your US insurance card is enough? Pretty interesting policy, though.

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From what I've read they are requiring it to protest the US Visa policy for Czech citizens.

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As I understand the the policy, it applies to anyone, as stated, it does not only apply to US citizens, but then maybe they use selective enforcement. As far as I know the avowed reason is that they don't want to get stuck with the bill, and their medical system is overtaxed without foreigners. Has anyone else run into this requirement?


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Traveled to the Czech Republic last month for a week. Was never questioned about any kind of insurance. Your passport has to be valid for 90 days after arrival though. I had a week of meetings with an international group and no one mentioned anything about any such requirement and there would have been much discussion if anyone had been asked about health insurance.