Currency of Czech Republic

Just checked out a few recommended Pensions in Prague and was surprised to see their rates listed in Euros. Have they switched over to the Euro?

Posted by Alan
Brighton, UK
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Irene No, and given the current state of the Eurozone they are unlikely to in the near future. It's presumably just for the convenience of visitors. Alan

Posted by Larry
Elkins Park, PA
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It is easier for their advertising in Europe to list their prices in Euros. Their European clientele have an instant price comparison vs most of the rest of Europe. In fact, this thought holds even for the US, no conversion needed for a price comparison.
Since that is not their currency, anyone paying in euros can expect they will be paying at an unfavorable exchange rate. Use Czech currency, readily available at their ATMs.

Posted by Will
Columbia, SC
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If you're coming from a Eurozone country and have euros left over, you should be able to pay in euros. In Croatia I stayed at an apartment that was quoted at 50 euros; when I went to pay the proprietor said, "Euros or kuna , it's all the same to me." Since I had a 50 euro note that was easiest for both of us. In fact, if the proprietor wanted to take advantage of me, she could have quoted an unreasonably high figure in kuna, since I wasn't that familiar with the exchange rate. So, if you have enough euro cash left over, fine, if paying with Czech koruna just make sure you're aware of the equivalent amount in koruna according to the current exchange rate.