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Croatian honeymoon in August

I'm getting married on August 11th and my fiance and I want to take our honeymoon right away. Unfortunately August isn't the best time to travel, but we'd love to go to Croatia. My fiance doesn't just want to lie on a beach all day but I'd like to have some down time without the pressure to sightsee all day everyday. We're looking for somewhere that combines some relaxing time in the sun with culture and sightseeing opportunities, which Croatia seems perfect forwe're just not sure if it's worth braving the crowds and paying the higher rates at peak tourism season. How bad does it really get? Do the crowds ruin it or make it unpleasant that time of year? Also, are there any other suggestions for places to go in August? We're coming from Boston, have about 10 days to travel, and are looking to keep the total costs to $6000.

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oh man, can you wait to take your honeymoon til later? August is the worst time to be in Croatia/Europe, not relaxing at all! I'd suggest going someplace close by for the weekend after your wedding (a cool resort in Canada or something if you want to go abroad...check out the Fairmonts up there-beautiful!) and then waiting til Sept or April-June to go to Europe if you can. Also, try WA/OR coasts for beach-lying and sights to see or maybe NE beaches. What about the Carolinas? You'll need 2 weeks to make the flight to Europe and back worth it after the stress/craziness of a wedding. But congrats on the wedding!!