We want to drive in Croatia and Slovenia. Is there anything we need to know about the roads or tolls or private roads?

Posted by Dejan
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Roads are generally well signposted, drivers are average, you should be cautious about tolls though. In Croatia it's pretty straightforward, you take a ticket at the booth when you enter a highway and you pay at exit. Credit cards are usually accepted. In Slovenia, highways are tolled with vignettes. These are toll stickers which are attached to the inside of the windshield and must be bought before entering a highway. They are time-based, you can buy a vignette for a week (€15), a month (€30) or for the entire year (€95). They can be bought at all gas stations, kiosks, post offices, most supermarkets in Slovenia and highway service areas in neighbouring countries. If you rent a car in Slovenia they will already be provided. Do not try to avoid buying it, controls are frequent and the fines severe. A similar system is in place in Austria, too.