Thinking about a Rick Steve's tour of Croatia. Wondered what cities to spend extra time in before or after the tour. Will have an extra week to play. Thanks.

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Since the tour ends in Dubrovnik, maybe you can consider going to Montanegro
afterward. There are several beautiful sites there, including the Bay of Kotor. Easy to rent a car and drive there. They're on the Euro though, unlike Croatia's Kuna.

Posted by suza
columbia, md, usa
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Hi I did the tour, (so much fun), starting in Ljubliana (sp?) and ending in Dubrovnik. I love Dubrovnik, and wished I'd had extra time there... I flew into Venice, wandered for a couple of days, then took the train to L. There are lots of wonderful cities to fly into, in other countries to the north, but not very far away by train. Enjoy!

Posted by Charlie
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We are taking the RS Croatia tour that starts on June 23. We are flying from Seattle to Frankfurt on Lufthansa Airlines on June 14 arriving in Frankfurt on June 15. We are staying in Frankfurt for 4 nights (and hoping to meet up with Jo) and then flying on to Zagreb for 3 nights before taking the train to L for the RS tour. We go to Europe every summer and while there take a RS tour and always try to spend time before, after, or both, around the tour. We figure if we are going that far and since airfare is such a big part of our costs, we might as well stay for a month. We have just spent a couple of days in Frankfurt before and have never been to Zagreb so that is why we picked them.

Posted by Frank
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Another pre-tour option would be to fly into Munich, spend a couple of days there, and then stop for a day or two in Salzburg before going on to Ljubljana to meet the tour. Train connections are good. You might also consider an extra day in Ljubljana. Defintely plan on a couple of days in Dubrovnik at the end of the tour. Spend a day seeing additional sights in Dubrovnik and devote another day to Montenegro. Atlas Tours runs a very nice all-day tour to Montenegro that includes much more than just Kotor. Also consider staying in or close to old town Dubrovnik for your extra days. I like the area just outside the Pile Gate.

Posted by April
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Hi LaRae, We are taking this tour next month and so excited about it! We are sponding ten days in Italy first. Flying in and out of Rome. We are spending a couple of days in Rome and then heading up to Bellagio, then Verona. I have a cooking class booked in Varenna at Il Caminetto. And then while in Verona we are tkaing a tour of Amarone country. Then I hired a car to drive us from Verona to Ljubljana to start the tour. Should be a blast!

Posted by LaRae
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Hi April how fun. Please let me know how you liked the tour when you get back. Very excited for you.

Posted by Sarah
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Relaxing for a few days in Cavtat right outside of Dubrovnik would fit in nicely. Also a side trip to Montonegro or Mostar in BiH.